Lease Negotiation and Tenant Representation FAQ

    Q: What do Tenant Representatives Do?

  • Tenant Reps are experts at finding available space that suits your business’ needs and negotiating the most favorable terms for your current or future lease. Most importantly, they work only for you, to protect your interests and save you time and money.

    Lease negotiations can become complex and time consuming. They typically require 3 to 6 months to complete. In our experience, tenants tend to significantly underestimate the time requirements associated with a successful lease negotiation. This can lead to a hurried acceptance of less than optimal terms or even a lease on space that doesn’t fulfill their needs.

  • Q: What will it cost?

  • Nothing! The real estate fee is already built into the Landlord’s asking price. This fee is included regardless of whether you have representation. In fact, because a Tenant Rep can often negotiate lower lease terms and the fee is a percentage of the lease amount, you can benefit from these savings. Lower lease price means lower fees, too.

  • Q: Do Tenant Reps work with other real estate companies?

  • Tenant Reps routinely work with other real estate companies and property owners, many of whom are known on a first name basis. This gives us insight to their business style and resources, which helps us obtain the best results for you.

  • Q: What if I see a good location myself?

    Wonderful! Simply contact your Tenant Rep and they will check it out and negotiate the best terms possible for you. It is likely that the Tenant Rep is already familiar with the building and too many inquiries will only encourage Landlords to increase their rates.

    Q: We want to renew our lease. Why do we need The Leasing Office’s help?

  • The lease renewal your Landlord’s leasing agents send you typically includes an automatic rent increase. Most Tenants simply sign without exploring their options or trying to negotiate better terms. A Tenant Rep can help you get the most beneficial terms, even if you don’t want to move and are happy with your current Landlord.

    The key to a successful lease renewal is creating leverage with your current Landlord. To have leverage, you must have alternatives, whether you plan to move or not. This means that there must be healthy competition between your current Landlord and other Landlords in the area for your tenancy.

    The Leasing Office specializes exclusively in Tenant representation and can save Tenants significant amounts of time and money on lease renewals. We also recognize the importance of maintaining your relationship with your Landlord and always conduct our negotiations with Landlords or their representation in a courteous, professional manner.

Let a professional tenant representative negotiate your lease or lease renewal and save you money.
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